Like never before, immigrants need legal assistance. Our office will assess your situation and develop a plan and creative solutions to help our you live legally in the United States. We offer the following immigration services:

  • Family Petitions
    1. spouse petitions in and out of the United States
    2. Petition for parents in and out of the United States
    3. Petitions for children
    4. Fiancé visas
    5. Sibling to sibling
  • Removal of conditions on the permanent residence status, whether or not the marriage is still intact.
  • Adjustment of status (in the United States)
  • Immigrant visas though consular processing
  • Work permits
  • Re-entry permits and travel documents
  • Waivers
    1. Unlawful presence waivers
    2. Waivers of excludability due to crimes
    3. Waivers of removability due to crimes
    4. Waivers of excludability due to fraud
    5. Waiver of removability due to fraud
    6. Permission to reapply after removal
    7. Motions for release on bond
    8. Motion for administrative closure
    9. Cancellation of removal for non-permeant residents
    10. Cancellation of removal for permanent residents who are place in proceedings.
    11. Motions to reopen from in absentia order of removal
    12. Motions for change of venue
  • Appeals
    1. Appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals
    2. Motion to reopen before the Board of Immigration Appeals
    3. Motion to reconsider
    4. Petition for review by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Political Asylum
    1. Asylum application to USCIS
    2. Asylum application and asylum hearing before the immigration judge
    3. Asylum appeals
  • Naturalization and citizenship
    1. Naturalization applications
    2. Derivative citizenship
    3. Disabled persons
  • Visas for victims of crimes Petition
  • Violence against women Act Petition