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Alimony Under Nevada Law

What is alimony?

In an action for divorce or for legal separation, the court, in addition to dividing community property and community debts, can order payments to be made from one party to the other for the support and education. These payments are alimony. Alimony can be paid in a lump sum or, more commonly, in periodic payments.

There is no formula regarding the computation of alimony.

Nevada law states that an alimony award has to be “just and equitable.” The words “just and equitable” signify that a judge has discretion in determining the amount and duration. This discretion makes it difficult to predict what  is “just and equitable” in the eyes of the particular judge the case was assigned to. Knowledge of the judge’s previous awards of alimony and knowledge of the facts of the case are essential in estimating what the alimony award, if any, will be.

What does the law tell the judge to consider regarding the award of alimony?

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