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Park Police Sent to Help Border Patrol

The Hill reports that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has ordered Park Police to parks along the border.

Speaking to the Fox Business Network on Thursday, Zinke called the state of the border an “environmental disaster.” He cited strewn needles and garbage on park land at the border and habitat destruction as reasons why he was deploying USPP and NPS officers.

“It’s unfettered and we need to shut the border down for a number of reasons,” Zinke said. “I’m in charge of our federal lands. I’m a steward … and now all of a sudden our agents are down at the southern border, you know what you have to look at? Needles.”

Already, Park Police have made arrests.

Interior announced two weeks ago that the 22 officers it first sent to the border had apprehended 13 people in their first two days on the job. Zinke also said officers had confiscated one illegal handgun and saw “evidence of recent activity along smuggling routes.”

We expect that the federal government will continue to increase its efforts to close the border.