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114 Illegal Aliens Arrested at Workplace Raid has an AP report that on June 5, 2018, federal agents supported by local law enforcement made a total of one hundred and fourteen arrests at two workplaces in Ohio.

The most interesting aspects are buried at the bottom of the story.

The investigation into Corso’s began in October 2017 when the U.S. Border Patrol arrested a woman who gave stolen identity documents to job applicants in the country illegally, said Steve Francis, head of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations unit in Detroit.

The document vendor led investigators to the landscaping company, where they examined documents in its files for irregularities, Francis said. Some Social Security numbers belonged to dead people.

Of the 313 employees whose records were examined, 123 were found suspicious and targeted for arrest and criminal charges of identity theft and, in nearly all cases, tax evasion.

Lawyers must always advise their clients to obey the law. “Undocumented alien,” or “undocumented American” don’t mean anything. When someone is arrested and brought to court, the judge will look at the law, and the law says that entering the United States without permission is a crime, that using another person’s social security number is a crime, that working in the United States without permission is a crime.

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